Culligan History

Culligan has been improving water for over 80 years.

The Story Behind Water Softening

Since 1921, the Culligan name has been synonymous with better water. Learn more about our innovative, exciting beginning.
Early Softener
Emmett Culligan builds a homemade water softener using two coffee cans and zeolite sand.
Culligan Water Company
Culligan opens in Northbrook, Illinois.
Portable Exchange Softener
Culligan introduces the portable exchange (PE) water softener by innovating lightweight tanks and carts.
World War II
The government asks Culligan to produce silica gel, used to dehumidify moisture sensitive equipment.
Hey Culligan Man!
The "Hey, Culligan Man" concept is conceived.
25th Anniversary
Culligan celebrates its 25th anniversary. Northbrook, Illinois temporarily renames itself "Culliganville."
Culligan Expands International
The International convention was held in Berlin and welcomed 250 delegates from 19 countries.
Drinking Water System
Culligan introduces the first mass-produced reverse osmosis water treatment system.
50th Anniversary
Culligan celebrates 50 years in business.
Bottled Water
Culligan made its move into bottled water for home and office, adding bottle delivery for customers.
Consumer Digest Best Buy
The Gold softener sets new efficiency standards and becomes Culligan's highest volume softener.
Aqua Cleer Launched
The Aqua Cleer RO has more than 100 configurations that allow customization for most water conditions.
HE Softeners and Filters
Culligan releases the the Culligan® HE, the World's most efficient water softener.
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What Clients Say
I recently had my old water softener replaced (different manufacturer) and I'm so glad I went with Culligan. Andy did a great job in explaining the differences, testing my water and set me up with the correct softener for my needs, setup the install(which was very quick), and kept in touch to ensure all went smoothly. Matt who did the install was very courteous and did a fantastic job on installing the new softener, upgrading the system much better then the previous install, went over the controls and by-pass and left a clean area as if they weren't even there. He also explained about the delivery of salt(which I really like as I'm getting too old to be lugging bags of salt around) and was very sincere if any problems arose. All in all it was a great experience form the start and highly recommend them.
Culligan Customer
- Culligan Customer