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Dealing with the Ugliness of Hard Water Moving into a new smaller house three months ago, we were surprised to learn we had hard water. Stainless steel silverware and sinks had brown spots, and we didn’t feel as clean as before the move. After speaking with several plumbers, I knew we needed to work with hard water experts. Culligan ads reminded me of their hard water expertise. They have been around for lots of years and I knew they could be counted on. I called Culligan and worked with Andy and Matt. Andy is so knowledgeable as well as a hard water expert. Matt is a very talented craftsman. Andy developed a great solution to our hard water, while Matt executed the plan. We no longer are seeing brown spots on stainless steel utensils and sinks; we feel so much cleaner when we shower; and we expect our dishwasher and hot water tank to last longer. If you have a hard water issue, call Culligan. You won’t be disappointed.
Culligan Customer
Marc Schoenholz
- Culligan Customer